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My Writing Has Transformed Into A Monthly Newsletter

If you have been a content creator on any writing platform for a while, you understand. Writers share a common emotional nonverbal and written language that is mixed with anticipation, frustration, hope, and determination at the same time. The most consistent thing about being a writer has been all the inconsistencies that are routinely encountered.

As writers, we monitor our content and make adjustments based on the advice we read about from writers who experience their brand of success. We write until we find our sweet spot that ultimately produces the success that we hope for.

What dedicated writers like me have discovered while we write to fulfill our exclusive mission as content creators are the endless possibilities that exist to deliver our message in words that come from our hearts and souls. In other words, if we allow ourselves to follow the guiding light that resides within our being, we find new ways to share what must be shared with our readers. And this happens only when we are ready.

My mission to ignite family engagement in education has been embedded in all my work. In addition to being the author of my book “Repair the Broken Pieces” and nearly completing a second book, I have been creating written and video content on several social media platforms. I am also a continuing education provider through the state department of education where I reside through my e-learning course.

Upon realizing that there is still much to do to advance my work by reaching broader audiences and serving educators as well as parents more extensively and more authentically, my work is now moving in a new and expanded direction. I am excited to announce that I am now ready to publish a monthly newsletter.

The communication sheet below summarizes relevant information about my “Ignite Family Engagement” monthly newsletter.

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